PIMF Quick Starters

20. Januar 2014

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Have you ever wished a PHP framework that perfectly adapts to your projects needs, your programming experience and your customers budget? A thin PHP framewrok with less implementing rools and easy to learn how to use it? PIMF is about to satisfy your demands! Den ganzen Beitrag lesen.

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Mini Blog mit PIMF micro framework

15. November 2013

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Schaut mal rein in das erste PIMF-bündel. Habe einen Beispiel Blog mit PIMF micro Framework erstellt, das eine SQLite-Datenbank implementiert. Hier könnt ihr lernen, wie man mit dem EntityManager, Util\Validator und dem View arbeitet. Probiert es aus und schreibt mir ein Feedback :-) Den ganzen Beitrag lesen.

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WTF mysqli_stmt::bind_param aliasing violation

16. Januar 2013

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I was searching for a class which supports multiple calls to mysqli_stmt::bind_param, because I have scenarios where I build huge SQL statements over different functions with variable numbers of parameters. But I didn’t found one. So I have just written up this little piece of code I would like to share with you. And for me it works. In doBindParam() it seems to depend from the PHP version if referenceValues() must be used or if $params can be used directly. Please note that reference is required for PHP 5.3 an higher. If won`t work using type-safe executing, than see here (http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=48284) for fixing your PHP and MySQL version. In my case I have to use it. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen.

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Contributing to PIMF via command-line

26. Oktober 2012

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This tutorial explains the basics of contributing to a project on GitHub via the command-line. The workflow can apply to most projects on GitHub, but in this case, we will be focused on the PIMF project. This tutorial is applicable to OSX, Linux and Windows. This tutorial assumes you have installed Git and you have created a GitHub account. If you haven’t already, look at the PIMF on GitHub documentation in order to familiarize yourself with PIMF’s repositories and branches. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen.

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